Tooth extraction aftercare

Take a painkiller one or two hours after the tooth extraction.

You can avoid this way the pain caused by the wound. Normally you don’t need any painkillers later on.
You mustn’t rinse your mouth or spit immediately after the tooth extrtaction. Otherwise the hematoma falling off the wound may cause bleeding.
You shouldn’t eat while the anaesthetic is still working, otherwise you may cause serious bruises in your mouth.

You are permitted to drink, but the theory according to which alcohol can disinfect is wrong and moreover harmful, because it may start the bleeding.
The oral hygiene is especially important during the days after the tooth extraction. If it’s possible you should wash your teeth more frequently than otherwise. Rinsing with an oral disinfection product can do a good service (but not immediately after the tooth extraction).
If the tooth or its surrounding was previously inflamed, fever may appear. You may use your usual antipyretics in this case.

If you have kept this advice, you are probably healing normally. Nevertheless complications may appear unfortunately. If this occurs, contact your doctor and don’t experiment with the range of healing “folk” methods.