The third molar

Third molar – keep it or remove it?

During the development of our organism, some of our teeth, usually the number 2, 4, and mostly the 8 stay behind due to lack of tooth buds.

The shape of the third molar can vary a lot and show deviations depending on the number of roots (1-6), therefore their treatment is difficult and not always successful.

It is recommended to remove the third molar, when it doesn’t have the opportunity to erupt because of its position and it causes recurrent inflammation and pain. If it induces caries or gingivitis deriving from not proper access to it while cleaning, it is also worth extracting it.

Deriving from their position, they can often hinder the creation of a good and functional denture (congestion). It often breaks through only halfway, and it can cause the inflammation of the gums around the crown. The extraction is recommended in this case as well.