„Beautiful teeth, healthy children“ is a nationwide project that has been adapted to Odorheiu-Secuiesc as well.


Romanian statitistics have unfortunately shown that the oral care of Romanian children is very poor, which leads to serious, sometimes untreatable consequences. Only one third of children between the ages of 10-14 use a toothbrush. The toothpaste usage of this age category is 35 ml/year and the toothbrush usage is 0,35 item/year.


The goals of the project are to reduce the number of caries by 50% at children under 14 and to raise the awareness around the importance of oral care and oral hygiene among children, educators and parents. We would like to put the foundations of a national oral prophylaxis programme.

The story behind all

The origins

The first experiments related to the improvement of the condition of teeth were carried out in the eastern part of Sweden in the 1950s by applying oral rinses with fluoride content. The results were so promising that the programme was expanded to every school in Sweden in the 1960s. The condition of children’s teeth has considerably improved.

In 1995 there has been an initiative about a dental prophylaxis programme in a school in Arad with cooperation from a Swedish parochial congregation. The programme was coordinated by the Rotary Club from Mölndal (Sweden) and they slowly expanded it to the whole city by the year 2009, performing fluoride rinses with primary school children.

Since the schools and local health institutions have reacted very positively to this initiative, the oral care programme has been expended to Timișoara as well. The fluoride rinse has been changed to tooth-brushing twice a day with a fluoride containing toothpaste. The children washed their teeth in the school under the supervision of the teachers and at home under the supervision of parents.

National dental prophylaxis programme in Romania

We would like all the primary school pupils in Romania to benefit from the prophylaxis programme. The Romanian Rotary Clubs have agreed to support the government in the implementation of the dental prophylaxis programme. The Public Dental Service of Vastra Gotalandsregionen – VGR - offers professional support in the initiation of the nationwide programme. The Rotary Clubs participating in the programme, the local School-Inspectorates and the Public Health Directorates choose first class pupils in 5-8 schools in the selected cities. Next year they continue the programme with the second class pupils (former first class pupils) and the actual first class pupils.

The implementation of the programme in Odorheiu-Secuiesc

The project itself consists of more steps which will have to be undertaken in the 2013-2014 schoolyear:

  • - School-Inspectorates will be notified and visited in order to determine the list of participating schools
  • - The programme coordinators will sign cooperation contracts with dentists, teachers, volunteering dental medicine students
  • - meeting the representatives of the local media and making the goals and the steps of the project known to the public
  • - Assessment of the participating children’s teeth at the end of 2013
  • - supervised tooth-brushing between December 2013 and June 2014
  • - second assessment of the children’s teeth at the end of June 2014

9 schools, 15 classes and 357 first class pupils will participate in this project. The programme itself is a Global Grant with a value of 45.000 USD, Romania’s own share being 7.000USD.

The project managers and coordinators are the following: János Kaján, the actual president of the Rotary Club, dr. János Szabó (dentist) and dr.Gábor Erőss junior (dentist).

After the former sections of the project have been completed, the results of the programme will be made public to the representives of the participating schools and those of the media. The schools will also get enough toothpaste for the children to wash their teeth with teacher supervision at least twice a week as it continues, and they will playfully monitor the children’s tooth-brushing habits.

An optional part of the programme could be the organization of contests among the participating classes. The topic of the contest could be proper oral care and healthy nutrition. Recommended tests are then following: basic knowledge about teeth, creative contests involving drawing or handicraft, prevention of caries, and so on.


  • - Mölndal Rotary Club – Sweden
  • - Colgate Romania
  • - Rotary Club Odorheiu-Secuiesc
  • - Romanian Dental Prophylaxis Association
  • - County School Inspectorate
  • - Ministry of Health
  • - Sweedish Embassy In Romania
  • - The Public Dental Service of Vastra Gotalandsregionen - VGR
  • - dr. Georgeta Gheorghe, general and periodontal dentist, president of the Romanian Dental Prophylaxis Association
  • - president of the local Rotary Club, and the club members responsible for this project
Dr. Georgeta Gheorghe
project coordinator
Kaján János