Dental health and pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special condition, when the whole lifestyle of the mother influences the development of the fetus. Besides healthy nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals, the health of the oral cavity is extremely important as well, and this can be ensured through increasingly careful oral hygiene and regular dentist’s check up. Thanks to the hormonal changes pregnancy gingivitis can occur during this special period, which is not pathologic, but keeping our denture clean requires special attention in this case! It is especially recommended to resort to instrumental or so called “dentist’s cleaning”. The measures taken to preserve healthy teeth and gums don’t only prevent the caries and gingivitis occurring during pregnancy, but it also increases the caries protection of the unborn child. Professional literature has proved that newborn babies receive the bacteria responsible for caries from the first adults that take care of them, which are present in a minimal proportion if they practise a proper oral care. This means that children, whose parents have sound teeth and good oral hygiene, have a smaller chance to develop milk teeth caries than those whose parents neglect their own dentures. Preserving the soundness of the milk teeth is the most important guarantee for having healthy permanent teeth.